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Top 25 Comparative Religion Blogs and Websites

Whether you live in a large city or small town, chances are there are others around you who do not share your religious or non-theistic beliefs. If unfamiliar with their beliefs, even everyday conversations can be a difficulty and rife with the possibility of misunderstandings.

The best way to avoid this sort of social land mine is to educate yourself. The best way to educate yourself from your computer is by giving these top 25 comparative religion blogs and websites a visit. They can help you with everything from the major religions, to the lesser religions, to the atheistic belief system.

Top Comparative Religion Blogs

These blogs inform and compare all sorts of religions and belief systems.

    1.TED Talks : This site is a leader in expert discussions on a variety of topics. For comparative religion, there is a section that specifically asks “Is There A God?” Experts from Karen Armstrong to Billy Graham weigh in on the discussion.

    2. Articles of Faith : Ruth Gledhill is the religion correspondent for “The Times.” In this blog, she shares her viewpoint on the religious issues of the day. Recent entries are on Archbishop of Canterbury and Uganda law.

    3. Creative Minority Report : Get regularly updated religious headlines with a comical point of view here. A group of bloggers “laugh because they believe.” Posts range from everything from the political to the hilarious.

    4. Speaking of Faith : Krista Tippett hosts a show and blog that explores various aspects of faith. Hosted by American Public Media, the archives date all they way back to 2001. The latest episode was on Abraham Joshua Heschel, who both wrote faith inspired poetry while marching alongside Martin Luther King.

    5.Religion News Blog : Get updates on all sorts of religions by checking out this blog. They also cover cults and sects. You can choose stories by religion or even most popular.

Top Christian Comparative Religion Blogs

These blogs take a look at comparative religion from the Christian point of view.

    6. Bible Study Lessons : Stop here to take a more in depth look at one of the most substantial religious books in history. You can sign up for your own free Bible lessons, or follow along on the blog. Must read entries include “Definition of Theodicy” and “Inductive Bible Study Method.”

    7. Conversion Diary : Jennifer had never believed in God, even as a child. In fact, she was a content atheist until five years ago. See the comparison in her past and present religious beliefs by checking out her online diary.

    8. What Does The Prayer Really Say? : Father John T. Zuhlsdorf gives accurate liturgical translations and frank commentary on Catholic issues. A recent post was on the church’s stance towards healthcare reform. There is even an Ask the Father option if you have more questions.

    9. More Than One Lesson : In this religious podcast, host Tyler Smith discusses a recent film, breaking it down to its key thematic and artistic components. It is an excellent resource to studying and examining the Christian religion through film.

    10. Collision College Ministry : This podcast is by a group of young college ministers in the Columbus area. Episodes often focus on the news of the world and how they relate to religion. You can also check out the Question of the Month.

Top Islamic Comparative Religion Blogs

Learn more about the Muslim religion by both its critics and followers in these blogs.

    11. The AHA Foundation : In response to ongoing abuses of women’s rights in the name of fundamentalist Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her supporters established the AHA Foundation in 2007. It strives to give women everywhere access to education and other basic human rights. In addition to the latest news, you can also get event information and other resources.

    12. Jihad Watch : Robert Spencer has been studying Islamic theology, law, and history in depth since 1980. The blog is dedicated to bringing attention to the role that jihad theology plays and to correcting misconceptions about the role of religion in modern-day conflicts. Must read entries include Islam 101 and Qur’an commentary.

    13. Free Muslims Coalition : This is a nonprofit organization made up of American Muslims and Arabs of all backgrounds who reject religious violence and terrorism. There is both a blog and headlines concerning both religious and political struggles. Hot topics include modern Islam and Jews.

Top Atheist Comparative Religion Blogs

A non-theistic belief system, atheists also weigh in on comparative religion in these blogs.

    14. Ask the Atheists : Got a question about atheism? Then stop here to read the many questions and answers, or send in one of your own. Questions are also listed with number of answers provided.

    15. No More Atheophobia : The blog is named after an irrational fear or hatred of atheists. It contains many useful entries for those with a curiosity or even expertise in atheism. Useful articles include top ten atheist myths and how to come out as an atheist.

    16. Stephen Law : He is the editor of “The Royal Institute of Philosophy Journal Think.” Although many entries are on atheism, there are also entries on other religions. An excellent stop if you enjoy philosophy as well as comparative religion.

    17. RichardDawkins.net : This is the official site of one of the most famous atheists, Richard Dawkins. He is also author of the best-selling “The God Delusion.” Although there aren’t many comparative items, the site is still full of tons of resources for atheists.

    18. The Thinking Atheist : The editor of this blog posts on the world of atheistic theology. Many posts are rebuttals to the Christian faith. There are also many other tools for atheists available.

Top Alternative Comparative Religion Blogs

Learn more about the lesser known religions with the help of these blogs.

    19. The Wigglian Way Pegan Podcast : This is a pagan podcast brought to you by Sparrow and Mojo from British Columbia, Canada. Learn everything you wanted to know about this religion and more by checking it out. They also have many music recommendations.

    20. Ethics Analysis : Not necessarily any single religion, this is a blog about ethics in general. Also called The Moral of the Story Blog, Randy Cohen uses humor in his ethics analysis. Drawing on years of experience for writing on shows such as “Late Night With David Letterman,” Randy chooses a news story every week to write about. There are also numerous columns and a podcast with more.

    21. Witchful Thinking : Jamie is a teacher, tarot reader, and witch. If you have a question about her religion, she is “Dear Abby” with a pointed hat. Be sure not to miss the “Pagan vs. Wiccan” entry.

Top Comparative Religion Websites

The below websites are virtual encyclopedias on the world of comparative religion.

    22. Beliefnet.com : Get tons of resources on inspiration, spirituality, and faith on this one site. You can choose from every faith from Judaism to Holistic, or even take a spin on the Belief-O-Matic. There are also quizzes, news, blogs, an active community and much more.

    23. Religion Facts : If you are sick of various opinions, then stop at this site for loads of comparative religious facts. They have articles on a wide variety of world religions, both ancient and modern, as well as philosophies, mind-body teachings, and even some anti-religion systems. There is information on every religion from Aladura to Zoroastrianism.

    24. Religion Online : If in search of religious texts, stop here. They have over 6,000 articles and chapters of various texts. You can search by topic such as social issues and communication or even by religion.

    25.. Religious Tolerance : This site is maintained by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. You can get information on the definitions of various religions, along with expert essays. There are also essays on non-theistic subjects such as atheism, agnosticism, and humanism.

Whether you are a holiday-only follower, pray several times a day, or just curious about another religion, there are thousands of answers to be found on the above top 25 comparative religion blogs and websites. They can also help you meet others with similar interests or even allow you to send in a religious question to an accredited expert.