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Learn how to take your faith to the next level at Online Christian Colleges.net. We provide the information needed to choose the best Christian college for those who want to integrate faith into their academic and professional life. Whether you are looking to attend college at home or on-campus, a Christian college may be the best option for you. Our website will help you navigate the social and financial matters you will face in college.

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Quick Degree Finder

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Grand Canyon University - Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university driven to help students reach and achieve a higher standard of success. Their flexible programs allow students to obtain their entire college degree online from the comfort of their own home.

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Liberty University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. As one of the fastest growing Christian Evangelical universities, Liberty University offers more than 60 accredited programs of study. They strive to offer truly affordable courses to Christ-centered men and women and instill within them the values, knowledge and skills essential to become future leaders.

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Saint Leo University - Associate's and Master's Degrees. Saint Leo University is a leading Catholic teaching university which offers over 41 programs that will help students meet their academic, spiritual, and professional goals. Their programs will serve the needs of students of all ages from first-time undergrads to working professionals.

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