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Online Christian Colleges is a site devoted to serving the needs of Christian students who are considering entering into an online college. For these students, it is often difficult to find reliable unbiased information relating both to whether a Christian college is right for them, as well as whether an online or traditional college may better meet their needs. To that end, we provide frequently updated articles pertaining to all aspects of Christian higher education.

In addition, we attempt to provide a useful resource to the Christian community at large through Our Blog which features general interest pieces which may appeal to the broader Christian community.

About Your Author, Karen L. Anderson

A graduate of the University of Houston, and a resident of a Houston suburb, Karen tries to bring some of the flavor of her background into her writing style. As someone who is passionate about the written word, Karen finds the ability to express herself in the freewheeling style of internet writing to be exciting, and hopes that you enjoy her work.

Any inquiries, comments, or critiques should be directed to our staff via our Contact page.

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