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50 Inspiring Religious Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter

For the faithful on the go, Twitter provides them 140 characters’ worth of religious inspiration daily from a multitude of religious leaders. Some are clergy, some activists. Some writers and some even royalty. The following list, by no means even one iota of comprehensive, tries to provide a diverse selection of microblogs representing the 5 largest belief systems on the planet. Hopefully many readers will discover something in here to stimulate their minds and propel them to learn more about themselves and how they relate to their chosen faiths.


1. Dalai Lama : His Holiness the Dalai Lama uses Twitter to preach a message of peace, tolerance, love, and unity to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike without any intent to convert anyone.

2. Rev. Danny Fisher : As the coordinator (and a professor )of Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at University of the West and an ordained Buddhist Minister, Rev. Danny Fisher is in a very fascinating place to comment on the news and views of the religion.

3. Lama Surya Das : Follow this eclectic Buddhist leader for perspectives on the faith, usually involving links to different articles and podcasts.

4. Arjia Rinpoche : Based in Bloomington, Indiana, the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center hopes to keep the faith alive and thriving by promoting its message of peace and tolerance.

5. Marc Lesser : Author and Zen educator Marc Lesser’s Twitter does not exclusively focus on Buddhism, but he writes frequently on the virtue of thinking minimally in both secular and religious practice.

6. Thich Nhat Hanh : Thich Nhat Hanh dedicates his life to peace activism, inspired by Buddhist ideals and teachings. His Twitter feed is a must-follow for anyone who enjoys studying the intersections between religion and politics.

7. Chade-Meng Tan : Follow Chade-Meng Tan’s Twitter feed for bite-sized inspirations, meditations, and humorous anecdotes throughout the day.

8. jhalifax : Read this microblog by a “Buddhist teacher, author, [and] anthropologist” from Santa Fe for some excellent reflections and meditations on the beauty of the planet.

9. Allan Lokos : Allan Lokos founded the Community Meditation Center in New York City, and he shares many of the daily philosophies and observations to hopefully inspire mindful thought and action.

10. Richard St Ruth : As both a respected Buddhist publisher and webmaster, Richard St. Ruth has plenty to say on the multitude of perspectives regarding the faith.


11. Jay Bakker : Revolution NYC founder Jay Bakker tweets and preaches Christianity for followers wanting to hear a message of peace, tolerance, and unity.

12. Fr. Wade Fahnestock : This popular Twitter feed by a Catholic priest has plenty of insights into Christianity as well as prayers, readings, reflections, and meditations.

13. Rick Warren : Many Christians will find this extremely popular minister’s words inspiring and provocative.

14. Fr. George Mabura : Venerable Catholic priest Fr. George Mabura keeps a great Twitter feed full of prayers, verses, meditations, and more bits of inspiration.

15. Pastor Jeff Lilley : Pastor Jeff Lilley’s microblog features daily scripture studies, prayers, and meditations perfect for solo or group Bible reflection.

16. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf : Thousands of fans flock to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s Twitter, blog, podcast, and column for thorough dissections of Catholicism and its tenets and traditions.

17. aheartforgod : Join Pastor Mike and his thousands of followers for contemporary applications and interpretations of ancient Christian beliefs and practices.

18. Knights of Columbus : This long-standing Catholic organization focuses on community and public service for the betterment of society at large, no matter who receives their altruistic aid.

19. Trevor Lund : Edmonton-based speaker and ministry leader Trevor Lund dedicates his Twitter for Christian advice and prayer for anyone who seeks his counsel.

20. EWTN : Popular Catholic news station EWTN shares its latest YouTube videos, programming information, and other conduits for finding inspiration.


21. Hinduism Today : Hinduism Today magazine keeps a microblog on the latest news, views, and history of the faith in order to inspire readers to learn more.

22. Baba Rampuri : He may not have been tweeting for very long or amassed nearly as many followers as others on this list, but yogi Baba Rampuri has plenty of interesting ideas to share on Hinduism and his practices.

23. Yogi Bir Singh : Read about one yogi’s reflections on spirituality as well as his experiences teaching part time to find ways to apply his words to everyday life.

24. HinduAmericanFdn : The Hindu American Foundation uses its microblog space to post the latest news, issues, and other related stories meant to both inform and inspire.

25. Hindu Awakening : The Forum for Hindu Awakening hopes to inspire practitioners of one of the world’s most heavily practiced faiths and promote understanding with other religious communities.

26. Bizah : Bizah, affiliated with Namaste Publishing, tweets extensively about dharma philosophies suitable to inspire Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and anyone else open to its teachings.

27. Abhilash : Though Hindu Blog owner and proprietor Abhilash Rajendran claims to be a student of Sanatana Dharma, but the inspiration and insight available on both blog and Twitter proves otherwise.

28. Hindu Puja : As one of the most popular Hindu Twitter feeds in English, Hindu Puja makes for an essential read for anyone seeking information and inspiration in regards to the faith.

29. KauaiHinduMonastery : This peaceful Hindu monastery in Hawai’i tweets affirmations and provocations the encourage readers to think about the world around them and their place in it.

30. Sanat Kumara : Paula Moran shares her journey with Hinduism with the intention of promoting love, understanding, and awareness in her visitors.


31. Rabbi Rami : Considered a very influential Jewish blogger and writer, Rabbi Rami uses his Twitter as a forum to discuss his faith’s perspectives and hopefully inspire reflection and meditation.

32. phyllis sommer : As both a rabbi and a mother, Phyllis Sommer and her microblog devoted to prayer and Torah study serves as a relatable conduit for thinking more about Judaism.

33. Recovery Rabbi : Any Jews seeking counsel and comfort in times of struggle with addiction and other harrowing situations (and their loved ones) would do well to look to Rabbi Yisrael Pinson’s teachings.

34. Marci Bellows : Rabbi Marci Bellows keeps a very cheerful, popular microblog with frequent questions intended to provoke deep thought and reflection.

35. Rabbi Batsheva Appel : Read Rabbi Batsheva Appel’s daily tweets on the Torah for inspiration to consider all the tenets of the Jewish faith.

36. Rabbi Josh Yuter : Rabbi Josh Yuter makes his lessons accessible to Jews of all types, and many of them even tie back into pop culture, technology, and other contemporary conduits.

37. FrumeSarah : Frume Sarah is a Rabbi and a mother who shares inspiring life lessons regarding Judaism’s role in family life on her blog and Twitter alike.

38. Rabbi Pepperstone : This Twitter feed by a Rabbi and educator posts up some quick lessons and questions regarding Torah study.

39. Eli | Eliyahu Fink : Pacific Jewish Center Rabbi and Loyola Law School student Eliyahu Fink tweets about politics and religion for those who prefer that particular venue for inspiration.

40. Rabbi Shmuley : Many tout him as “America’s Rabbi,” and this prominent religious leader focuses his teachings on inspiring love and family connections.


41. Rania Al Abdullah : Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan keeps a Twitter feed to encourage Muslims all over the world to engage in activities to promote love and understanding in the world.

42. Muslimah Media Watch : Muslim women concerned about their portrayal in the mainstream media would do well to follow this microblog for information and inspiration to take action against misrepresentation.

43. Arsalan Iftikhar : NPR commentator, human rights lawyer, and Renaissance man Arsalan Iftikhar dedicates his writings both on and away from the microblog format to issues and inspirations concerning the modern Muslim.

44. Faraz Rabbani : This Muslim educator tweets frequent news stories, meditations, reflections, prayers, and other bits of information he hopes will engage his readers.

45. Muslim Voices : Anyone – Muslim or not – who finds inspiration in opening up interfaith exchanges will appreciate this Indiana University, Bloomington organization’s efforts to imbue the world with understanding and tolerance.

46. Reading Islam : The writers who open up Reading Islam to the world hope their words will inspire Muslims to learn all they can about their faith in order to grow and find happiness within its doctrines.

47. Reza Aslan : This high-profile Twitter feed brings news and views regarding Islam and the history and perspectives of its practitioners for those who enjoy their religious reflection spiked with politics.

48. Elan Magazine : Elan touts itself as one of the voices of contemporary Muslims, providing insights into a wide variety of excellent topics that many will find fascinating or inspiring.

49. Layali : A young woman thirsting for world peace, social justice, and equality ties in Muslim teachings to her quest for a healthier society.

50. Islamic Relief : For over 25 years, Islamic Relief has found inspiration in the teachings of Mohammad and fought hard to end poverty the world over. Many may find their efforts just the push they need to learn more about intersections between faith and service.

Any listing of this sort will invariably incite some degree of backlash concerning inclusions and exclusions. Efforts were made to keep this listing as diverse as possible, with religious leaders defined as those with backgrounds as clergy members, activists, writers, media figures, and even royalty who use their respective faiths as stepping stones to inspire others. A select few organizations have made the cut as well, because of their devotion to finding ways of bringing people together and encouraging them to open up and learn more. Just because one Twitter feed ended up off the final list does not mean it contributes nothing to the religious populace, too. The included microblogs merely reflect one person’s opinion and does not wish to discount the perspectives of the myriad others out there who provide excellent conduits for religious inspiration. Readers are encouraged to ferret out other leaders they deem worthy of their attention and learn all they can about the various belief systems out there, regardless of whether or not they made their way here or what faith they choose to reflect.