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50 Enlightening Buddhist Blogs

With so much cluttering our minds, hearts, and souls, the teachings of Buddha have a lot to offer. But if you live in a small town with no Buddhist temple or even a large city where the nearest temple is hours away, resources are limited.

Turning to the internet can help, but it is as cluttered and full of resources as any phone book. Before you throw up your hands in frustration and assume the meditation pose, relax. We have already done the work of gathering the top 50 enlightening Buddhist blogs full of inspiration, relaxation, and the newest teachings.

Enlightening Buddhist Blogs by a Professional

These bloggers have some form of formal training in Buddhism.

    1. The Buddhist Blog : James Ure is a Zen Buddhist who follows in the tradition of Vietnamese Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He is also influenced by Taoism, some Hindu, and secular humanism. A standout feature of the blog is that it regularly addresses Buddhism in current events.

    2. The Stupid Way : This Irish blogger traveled to Japan with the intention of staying for one year. Five years later he was formally studying Buddhism and was later ordained as a Buddhist monk. Tools on the blog include how to do Zazen, articles, talks, and more.

    3. Danny Fisher : Rev. Danny Fisher, M.Div., D.B.S. is a professor and Coordinator of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at University of the West in Rosemead, California. He was ordained as a lay Buddhist minister by the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California in 2008. His blog is full of posts on Buddhism in everyday life, along with causes, writings, and interviews.

    4. The Buddha Diaries : Peter Clothier is an author of “Persist” which praises creative spirits in a world gone mad with commerce. In addition to the blog, he is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. His blog seeks to get to the heart of the matter from a Buddhist’s perspective.

    5. The Naked Monk : Stephen Schettini is the author of “The Novice” and was ordained a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan Gelukpa tradition in 1974. He trained in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland and began teaching in 1982. His blog focuses more on Buddha than in Buddhism and leans more on the Pali canon than the Tibetan.

    6. The Ino’s Blog : This blogger comes to us as the new Ino at the City Center in San Francisco. A recent entry was on the importance of Buddha’s birthday.

    7. Zen The Possible Way : Markus “Uku” Laitinen is a Soto Zen Buddhist monk. He is also the founder and leader of Dogen Sangha in Finland. He is also studying comparative religions and social psychology.

    8. Dogen Sangha Blog : Master Gudo Nishijima has been practicing Buddhism for more than 60 years. He was a student of Master Kodo Sawaki, an itinerant priest famous for his efforts to restore Zazen to its rightful place at the center of Buddhism. Recent posts are on examinations of doctrines and the twelve fold Chain of Cause.

Enlightening Buddhist Blogs by an Individual

These individual bloggers have made Buddhism their passion.

    9. American Buddhist : This blog is by a student who believes all beings should be free from suffering. The blog also focuses on Buddhism, philosophy, ecology, life, and politics. A recent entry was on death meditation.

    10. Notes in Samsara : Taking the Buddhist name of Mumon, this blog focuses on the religion. The blogger works in communications systems in Vancouver, Washington. Buddhism, news, politics, and more are featured.

    11. Smiling Buddha Cabaret : Marnie Louise Froberg is a Canadian writer and lives mostly in northern India. She has been a Buddhist practitioner for nearly 30 years and wants to share her perspective. Topics include 8 Fold Path, compassion, ego, and many others.

    12. Buddha, Buddhism and India : This blogger is an Indian but non Buddhist. They have read quiet a lot about Buddhism and believe the teachings of Buddhism have so much relevance today. Interesting links and thoughts on the religion are featured.

    13. The Reformed Buddhist : Get Zen from inside a particle accelerator here. Containing adult humor, the blog speaks on wisdom, practice, compassion, and squirrels. Items of interest are often featured.

    14. Big Happy Buddha : This blogger is from Wisconsin where he works in the internet industry. His blog is a Buddhist place for people curious about it to come and learn. He also shares his experiences with walking on the path of Buddhism.

    15. Buddha Space : G lives in Thailand where interests include Buddhism, philosophy, and psychology. Stop by to get sections on the basics of Buddhism including a glossary, meditation, mindfulness, and much more. Modern Buddhism is focused on.

    16. Water Dissolves Water : Read about the life and strange times of a typical 50 something Zen Buddhist living in Atlanta. Shokai longs to be both different and original. There is also a live show that is linked to.

Enlightening Dharma Buddhist Blogs

An essential principle to Buddhism, these blogs focus on Dharma.

    17. Digital Dharma : Links to Dharma resources and more are given on this blog. They also help those facing addiction problems. In addition to the blog, there are also prayers.

    18. The New Dharma Bums : Three bloggers write about Dharma, Buddhism, and more. They are recently in the process of moving and tell all about it.

    19. Christopher’s Dharma Blog : This Dharma blog essentially consists of reflections, notes and articles, past and present, on matters concerning our life. Christopher Titmuss, a former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, teaches awakening and insight meditation around the world. Categories include books, communication, reflections, and more.

    20. The Dharma Blog : DharmaBuilt is a freelance web analytics and online marketing consulting group. Their blog focuses on many aspects of Dharma and Buddhism. Many useful teachings are featured.

    21. Dhamma Blog : Stop here for posts on Dharma, Thai, and Buddhism. Other tools include the five Khandas and four noble truths. A recent post examined how wrong views can be useful.

    22. Sustainability Dharma : This blog is about finding ways to live peacefully and sustainably on a global, communal and, most importantly, personal level. Recent posts are on the environment, Dharma resolutions, and sustainability. The posts are also massively commented on and you can join in.

    23. Dharma Brother Pete : Pete Hoge used to by a devout Buddhist. However, he had an enlightening religious experience on June 26, 2009. Read all about it and how he started a new blog.

    24. Zen Under the Skin: A Dharma Blog : Get the reflections of an African American practitioner here. Although there hasn’t been a new post in a while, the blog still has useful resources. They include how-to’s, an FAQ, and resources for black Buddhists.

Enlightening Zen Buddhist Blogs

Another important piece of Buddhism, you can find loads of Zen below.

    25. Zen Habits : Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike can stop here to get tips for simple productivity. Regular posts feature useful tips such as how to share with the world and the lost art of solitude. Visit often as it is updated regularly.

    26. Zen Family Habits : Get a blog on how to Zen your family from the same people as the above. You can read the newest posts or browse through the favorites. Recent entries include eight things people never tell you about having kids and birthday parties.

    27. Hardcore Zen : Brad Warner is a Zen monk, writer, and bass player. He received Dharma Transmission from Gudo Nishijima Roshi. In his blog, he writes about Zen and related items.

    28. Goodlife Zen : Get practical inspiration for a happier life here. Mary is passionate about supporting people who want to live a happier life. A recent entry looked at seven sources of deep clutter.

    29. Zen Filter : Zen Buddhist websites, news, and discussion are featured here. Benjamin also suggests books on the subject. The latest entries are on meditation and loving openly.

    30. The Zen Site : Get critiques of Zen practices here. Many essays and articles are included. You can also get dogen teachings, studies, and more.

    31. Everyday Zen : Although there hasn’t been a recent entry, Norman’s knowledge of Zen is worth a look. In addition to the blog, you can also learn more about the center. Options include programs, schedule, teachings, a study guide, and even poetry.

    32. Presentation Zen : Use tips from this blog in your professional and educational life. Garr Reynolds writes on issues related to professional presentation design. A recent entry showed what you can learn from children.

    33. The House of Zen : If you want to Zen your exterior as well as your interior, click here. This clothing store focuses exclusively on fashion for the Zen minded. See what is new in stock or check out the latest post.

    34. Zen Books That Don’t Suck : If you want to know more about Zen, visit here. It is a list of recommended books on Zen. There are also other related resources.

Enlightening Buddhist Sites

Some have blogs, but most of these are sites that focus on enlightening the world on Buddhism.

    35. Buddhanet : Get resources for everyone from beginning Buddhists to those with decades of practice. You can read the online magazine or visit the massive eLibrary. There are also resources for meditation, publishing, and much more.

    36. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama : The spiritual leader of the Buddhists, get loads of information and enlightenment on the official website. Start with video and audio to get teachings from the Master himself. You can also see his schedule, get a photo gallery, news, messages, and much more.

    37. BeliefNet : Use this website to meet other Buddhists across the world. A standout feature of the community is the opportunity to connect with many other religions all on one site. Resources include prayers, inspiration, health, family, and even holistic living.

    38. Tricycle Magazine : Buddhism is the focus of this magazine. You can read articles, check out the archives, or even get information on online retreats. They also offer a blog with even more.

    39. Buddhist Geeks : Vince Horn and others are your hosts on this podcast for Buddhists. Listen to the newest show or check out some of the previous ones featuring respected guests. Over 160 episodes are sure to keep your iPod full.

    40. Elephant Journal : Loads of Eastern philosophies are featured here, including Buddhism. The community also connects those interested in yoga, sustainability, politics, and spirituality. Join for free or check out the many resources.

    41. Illuminated Mind and Body : Get the seven keys to discovering your passion by entering your name and email here. They also have recommended tools and books. If looking for a blog for Buddhists, they also have one.

Enlightening New Age Buddhist Blogs

These blogs don’t necessarily focus on Buddhism but are an enlightening read for those looking for a new age perspective.

    42. Stillness Speaks : This blog hopes to share a physical embodiment of the living principles of a truth that never changes. The Bhagavad Gita, The Brahma Sutras, The Upanishads, The Ashtavakra Gita, The Yoga Vasistha, and The Bodhapancadasika are just some of the teachings featured here. They also feature videos and other resources.

    43. The Christian Universalist : Logan is a graduate student, cynical idealist, and much more. He is also a self-described amateur theologian who shares thoughts and theories through blog. Learn more about the theory of Christian Universalism and much more here.

    44. New Age Journal : This enlightening blog gives information and inspiration for personal growth, wellness, and healing. Departments include horoscopes, alternative health, and many others. You can even send in your own entries.

    45. Monkey Mind : James Ford is an ordained Soto Zen priest and Unitarian Universalist minister. His blog focuses on religion, politics, and culture. He also speaks more on his Unitarian faith.

    46. Liberal Faith Development : Get Steve’s commentary on Unitarian Universalist faith development in congregations and the wider liberal religious community here. He is also a religious educator and youth group advisor. You can also follow him on Facebook.

    47. Speed of Life : A studio painter offers notes on everyday life, art, and more. Gregg Chadwick is based in Santa Monica and shares his work through blog. He also occasionally posts on Buddhism.

    48. You Are Truly Loved : Stop here for a guide to spiritual awakening. The blog features content designed to guide you towards enlightenment including book reviews, forums, videos, and more. There are also tools for the Law of Attraction and relationships.

    49. Wandering Monk – This blogger wanted to be the good kind of monk – in her words “a stable cenobite in a monastery under a Prioress.” She is an interfaith, Unitarian Universalist, and was amazed when a Benedictine monastery accepted her into their community. The blog is mostly about her everyday life.

    50. Thank God For Evolution : Think Christianity and Darwinism don’t mix? Then check out this blog by Reverend Michael Dowd. It also has news, resources, and more on a book of the same name.

Whether looking to learn more about Dharma, Zen, or simple Buddhism, there is loads of help on the above 50 enlightening Buddhist blogs. If looking to learn more about religion in general, be sure to expand your search beyond just the Buddhist.