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50 Best Catholic Blogs

No matter their political or spiritual bent, there are blogs out there for Catholics to read along with and either nod in agreement or shake their heads derisively. The internet allows them to openly discuss their differences and similarities and expose themselves to completely new interpretations and ideologies that they may never knew existed within their faith. Take a peek at what some of these have to offer and use them as a means of understanding the true diversity of the Catholic community – and be sure to click on some of their links that have not been listed here as well!

1. CatholicVoteAction.org : A very well-respected blog alternately known as CatholicVoteAction.org and American Papist, Thomas Peters’s posts generally look at politics, current events, and church news from a conservative theological perspective.

2. The Progressive Catholic : Not all Catholics share the same views on politics and current events, and this blog interprets them through a more liberal, inclusive, and progressive filter. Anyone struggling with resigning their religion with their left-wing worldview ought to check out The Progressive Catholic for reassurance that others have to grapple against similar challenges.

3. Whispers in the Loggia : Follow Rocco Palmo as he painstakingly updates and chronicles all of the current events and inner workings of the Catholic Church’s worldwide presence.

4. Creative Minority Report : Another Catholic politics blog – unsurprising, given the Church’s history and intimate relationship with governing bodies – delivering some highly opinionated commentary on the latest news and scandals.

5. JimmyAkin.org : Blogger Jimmy Akin covers anything and everything related to Catholicism, from politics to movies to current events and all that lay between.

6. DignityUSA : The main goal of DignityUSA revolves around striving for GLBT acceptance and rights within the Catholic Church without ever giving up their adherence to the faith.

7. New Liturgical Movement : Doctrine, ritual, news, and the arts collide in this comprehensive, collective online resource on Catholicism.

8. Pax Christi USA : Pax Christi USA melds together Catholicism – though it accepts other denominations as well – and activism in the name of abolishing war and violence.

9. Overheard in the Sacristy : Another general interest Catholic blog, this time doing what it can to promote and establish a definitive identity for the religion and culture.

10. Rorate CÆli : Several different authors chime in on issues impacting the Church, including upcoming events and news stories.

11. The Hermeneutic of Continuity : In accordance with a 2005 request by Pope Benedict XVI on hermeneutic reform and continuity, Fr. Tim Finigan responds by blogging on the subject for a broad audience interested in hearing what he has to say.

12. Shrine of the Holy Whappings : One close-knit group of “Catholic Nerds” from University of Notre Dame weigh in on all things related to the faith, usually focusing on the culture, climate, and spirituality.

13. What Does The Prayer Really Say? : Fr. John Zuhlsdorf translates several liturgies, offers up his opinion on Catholic matters and issues, and generally provides an incredibly comprehensive resource for readers wanting to learn more about the religion.

14. Roman Catholic Blog : A Roman Catholic family man opens up about his thoughts regarding current events in the Church as well as his own personal struggles with the faith.

15. The Gospel in the Digital Age : Archbishop Dolan from the Archdiocese of New York discusses the current goings-on in his region alongside some in-depth glimpses into the Church operations and teachings.

16. Orthometer : More liberal-minded Catholics may resent the idea of measuring one’s orthodoxy by their adherence to conservative principles, but this still remains a very popular blog on religious issues, ideas, and cultures all the same.

17. Forest Murmurs : One parish priest blogs about the religious life, including insider comments on current news and events that affect the Church.

18. Meeting Christ in the Liturgy : Stop by Meeting Christ in the Liturgy for some sage spiritual advice and helpful meditations that correspond with different times of the year.

19. Valle Adurni : Read about Catholic news, views, commentary in addition to spiritual reflections and interesting facts about history and doctrine at Valle Adurni.

20. Voice of the Vicar : This general Catholic blog by Fr. Gjengdahl of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis provides readers with insight into his life, some excellent and occasionally touching stories of his observations, and a few opinions on news and views from the Church at large.

21. Fallible Blogma : Catholics consider their dogma infallible, but people on the other hand – not so much. Renaissance man Matthew Warner blogs about what he considers perfect from an imperfect’s point of view.

22. Standing on My Head : Download podcasts of homilies, watch videos, read sermons and meditations and more on this multimedia blog that is all about Catholicism.

23. Love the Tradition – Loathe the Traddies : An irreverent blog by a thoughtful priest, Love the Tradition – Loathe the Traddies may be incredibly new, but it has some interesting things to say about the role of orthodoxy in the Church.

24. Saint Mary Magdalen : Fr. Ray Blake keeps readers updated on the people and events that move his Brighton parish, but his reflections on the faith can still apply to Catholics everywhere.

25. Clerical Reform : Clerical Reform offers some very intelligent reading on the history, doctrine, and current business of the Catholic Church and living the religious life.

26. Abbey-Roads : Fans of devotional artwork should drop by Terry Nelson’s Abbey-Roads for some reflective pieces, fun stories, and intriguing meditations and insight on Catholicism.

27. Acts of the Apostasy : This blog delivers some very unapologetic orthodox opinions on anything and everything regarding the Catholic Church, the media, pop culture, politics, and whatever else crosses its path.

28. Veritatis | Praeco : Several students from an unnamed Catholic university dissect their religion – its art, literature, culture, past, present, future, and much more – with academic and personal curiosity with the hope of nurturing civil discussions.

29. Catholic and Enjoying It! : Author and speaker Mark Shea carries over the commentaries and reflections from his books, lectures, and website over to his blog as well.

30. The Recovering Dissident Catholic : Catholics who struggle or once struggle with their faith may appreciate this blog, whose owner and proprietor also went through such a period.

31. Catholic-Hierarchy News : Though not officially sanctioned by the Church, the Catholic-Hierarchy News provides an informed, frequently updated resource for those wanting to know of any shifts in power.

32. Aggie Catholics : It may be owned and operated by St. Mary’s Church in College Station, Texas, but the straightforward things the Aggies have to say about doctrine reaches an impressively wide range of students and struggling adults alike.

33. The Curt Jester : Readers wanting to seek out an education in Catholicism that comes peppered with humor and insight from a former atheist would do well to pop by the award-winning (and oft-nominated) The Curt Jester.

34. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! : Keep up with the Catholic Church’s views on current issues as outlined by Fr. Philip Neri Powell, who also throws in some humorous and personal postings into the mix as well.

35. Blogs at First Thoughts : First Thoughts offers readers 7 blogs to choose from, each with its own perspectives on a wide number of Catholic issues and teachings.

36. Faith and Theology : Faith and Theology is meant to serve as an incredibly valuable resource for discussion and debate on all manner of Catholic doctrine, culture, and literature.

37. Roman Catholic Cop : Catholics hoping to find some apologetics and reflections from a fellow believer unaffiliated with a religious order would do well to explore this down-to-Earth blog.

38. Growing with my Girls : A Catholic mother finds herself more and more at odds with the world around her, blogging about how she raises her family while feeling as such.

39. Per Caritatem : Per Caritatem plays host to some incredibly intelligent and informative essays on philosophy, aesthetics, Church history, and many, many other thoughtful and spiritual Catholic subjects.

40. Enlightened Catholicism : Any Catholic who feels a little bit out of synch with the community around them may appreciate knowing that there are others out there with similar mindsets.

41. Toward a Progressive Catholic Church : Ray Grosswirth applies his education in Catholic theology and doctrine to liberal, progressive ideologies and blogs frequently about their commonalities.

42. IronKnee : This multimedia blog by an older family man named Ed peeks into the ironies of daily life, with his Catholic faith frequently among them.

43. Charlotte was Both : Popular Catholic blogger Amy Welborn has plenty to say on anything and everything regarding the Church, usually involving reflections, meditations, spirituality, and prayer.

44. Why I Am Catholic : Readers should certainly stop by Why I Am Catholic for an insightful glimpse into what motivates so many people to take up and keep with their faith.

45. Catholic Sensibility : Two writers peer into Catholicism’s myriad facets and deliver commentary based on their experiences with and studies in the religion.

46. The Ironic Catholic : Professing to be “just like G.K. Chesterton, without the insight, style, humor, or talent,” The Ironic Catholic looks at the funnier aspects of religion and politics as a means of showing readers that they should not always take life too seriously.

47. Coalition for Clarity : A collective of Catholic bloggers band together to request more transparency when it comes to the Church speaking officially about torture and other hot topics.

48. sacra*MENTAL* : Individuals with mental illness experience a great deal of marginalization in mainstream society, and Lisa Graas openly discusses how the Catholic Church can reach out and provide a safe haven to this oft-overlooked community.

49. Disputations : With archives dating all the way back to May of 2002, Disputations offers up an extensive range of commentaries and essays on Catholic subject matter.

50. My Domestic Church : Catholic mothers should drop by My Domestic Church for all kinds of devotionals, tips, meditations, and prayers for their demographic as well as solace for those who have lost children.

While there are many, many other blogs out there offering up numerous opinions on every element of Catholicism imaginable, the previously listed ones provide an excellent framework that represents a diverse range of ideas and practices. Use them as a valuable starting point to a spiritual journey that tries to understand all the ins and outs of a religion that has far more to it than some may think.