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50 Best Blogs About Mormon Living

Known as the “Bloggernacle,” members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have banded together to discuss every imaginable element of their faith. Whether addressing one another, curious potential converts, nonbelievers, or individuals and institutions interested in comparative religion, they bring their belief system to a worldwide audience and shed light on their theology, culture, and customs. Mormon lifestyles – as with all others on the planet, of course – encompass everything from family connections to spirituality to business and everything in between. The following list tries to offer up a little bit of everything when it comes to Mormon living, hopefully allowing for the practitioners and non-practitioners alike to learn a little something along the way.

1. By Common Consent, A Mormon Blog : In order to live a Mormon lifestyle, one must become familiar with the tenets of the religion – and this excellent, thorough blog offers a plethora of opinions and ideas on both subjects.

2. Mormon Coffee : A comfortable, accessible blog, Mormon Coffee posts some thought-provoking devotionals and discussions about various elements of the religion and culture.

3. Mormanity : Regardless of whether or not one believes in the Mormon faith, Jeff Lindsay makes sure his blog caters to readers from all different backgrounds and covers a broad range of LDS subject matter.

4. Feminist Mormon Housewives : As one can ascertain from the title, Feminist Mormon Housewives concerns itself with issues surrounding family life and planning – including abortion, contraceptives, and more.

5. Mormon Blog : Several different members of the LDS Church weigh in on their thoughts and philosophies regarding doctrine and lifestyle, providing readers with a nice, broadened perspective.

6. Times and Seasons : Social justice issues, spirituality, lifestyle, and other factors relevant to the Mormon belief system get plenty of coverage here, making Times and Seasons an excellent resource for all things LDS.

7. Mormon Mommy Blogs : Women belonging to the LDS Church can connect with like-minded peers at the Mormon Mommy Blogs and gain some insights and perspectives on their faith and lives.

8. Mormon Mentality : A plethora of different bloggers open up about their own personal insights and interpretations of the Mormon faith – with some news and political stories thrown in along the way.

9. A Motley Vision : LDS members with an eye for the creative will appreciate the news and insights regarding the art, music, books, plays, and movies out there with great appeal to the Mormon lifestyle.

10. Zelophehad’s Daughters : Some well-educated Mormon women (most are in or have completed graduate programs in various fields) blog about almost anything and everything about LDS culture, spirituality, and myriad other topics.

11. beginnings new : Young Mormon girls in need of guidance and leadership tips would do well to see what beginnings new has for them.

12. Mormon Times : Really several blogs in one, Mormon Times boasts a number of insightful and interesting points of view regarding the religion and its accompanying lifestyle – including one by Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card.

13. Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon : If evangelism piques an interest, those hoping to live the missionary lifestyle have plenty to learn from with this blog.

14. ClobberBlog : Bridget Jack Meyers writes up posts regarding her experience with interfaith marriage, evangelism, and the ups and downs of Mormon living.

15. Things of My Soul : Blog entries at Things of My Soul may read as brief, but their messages of inspiration and motivation assist their readers in boosting their spiritual lives.

16. The Exponent : The online presence of Exponent II magazine looks into intersections between the women’s movement and Mormon living – among other related topics, of course.

17. Sunstone Magazine : As a blog and an overall web presence, Sunstone Magazine is one of the best resources available on all aspects of Mormon life and doctrine.

18. Segullah : In spite of aiming its content predominantly at women, any LDS member can benefit from reading Segullah’s devotionals and slice-of-life articles.

19. FAIR Blog : Dedicated to apologetics and breaking down negative stereotypes of Mormonism, FAIR Blog makes for a great read for anyone hoping to learning more about their faith through knowledge of its doctrine.

20. New Cool Thang : Another generalized Mormon living blog, also posting content on a diverse range of topics that readers will deem interesting or inspiring.

21. Mormon Stories Podcast : Both a blog and a podcast, Mormon Stories provides provocative reading and listening for anyone curious about the culture, lifestyle, history, and spirituality of the LDS faith.

22. Faith-Promoting Rumor : Faith-Promoting Rumor is a valuable blog containing some intelligent and thoughtful ruminations on LDS culture, philosophy, living, and more.

23. Mormon Mommy Wars : In its “About MMW” section, the contributors point out that 2 types of Mormon mothers exist – those who work outside the home and those who do not. Both types have a voice at this blog.

24. Mormon Momma : Another Mormon blog targeting the needs and perspectives of women with an extensive number of lifestyle and culture subjects covered.

25. Feast upon the Word : LDS adherents looking to nurture their spiritual sides would do well to explore Feast upon the Word’s extensive archive of scripture meditations and interpretations.

26. Mormon Metaphysics : Religious, scientific, and philosophical discourse are par for the course at Mormon Metaphysics, which helps to stimulate the intellectual aspect of readers’ lives.

27. The Juvenile Instructor : The Juvenile Instructor involves some great articles on LDS history, making this a perfect resource for those wanting to get in touch with their faith and culture’s roots for inspiration and guidance.

28. Mormon Matters : As the title suggests, this blog concerns itself with a wonderfully eclectic range of Mormon topics that appeal to a wide range of visitors.

29. Banner, Sword, and Shield : Looking to a culture’s past and philosophies can galvanize its participants to seize their future and work towards something satisfying.

30. The Millennial Star : This largely general blog on Mormonism nevertheless focuses on many articles regarding the role of the faith in everyday life.

31. The Keepapitchinin : Mormons hoping for a lighthearted but thoroughly engaging take on their history (and, subsequently, their culture) should give The Keepapitchinin a read.

32. ABEV: a bird’s eye view : Two Mormon brothers living and practicing law on two separate continents open up about the way they infuse their beliefs into day-to-day existence.

33. Life on Gold Plates : Perhaps one of the most useful routes towards a healthy and happy Mormon life involves nurturing a greater understanding of their culture’s rich history and creative heritage.

34. A Soft Answer : LDS members with a passion for the political can discover how their faith can guide them towards activism and engagement within the society around them.

35. About.com: Latter-day Saints : About.com’s Rachel Bruner keeps a general portal regarding the Mormon faith, with numerous articles tackling lifestyle practices and issues.

36. Clean Cut : Follow the life and philosophies of a Mormon history teacher as he reflects upon faith, family, and other victories and trials that crop up along the way.

37. Latter-day Commentary : Politics, current events, and religion converge in this blog that greatly appeals to LDS adherents who want to live a life of community activism.

38. LDS Media Talk : With technology and the media encroaching more and more onto the lives of Mormons and non-Mormons alike, it pays to understand how to approach them safely and responsibly.

39. Sixteen Small Stones : J. Max Wilson’s eclectic blog covers a vast array of subjects that directly relate to Mormon living, including devotionals, politics, activities, and reflections on science, philosophy, and current events.

40. Temple Study : Any Mormons desiring to strengthen their relationship with God must take advantage of the multimedia resources available on this blog, which can certainly help them accomplish their spiritual goals.

41. The Mormon Organon : Explore the intersections between religion and science with The Mormon Organon, which helps its readers consider their own opinions on the matters at hand.

42. Small and Simple : Small and Simple covers a few different LDS lifestyle topics, usually revolving around culture, family, and faith.

43. Mormon Insights : Both scriptural and cultural, Mormon Insights is a must-read for any LDS member hoping to deepen his or her faith and understanding of the Church’s cultural heritage.

44. mulling and musing : Take a peek into the life of a “married Mormon mom” who does her best to celebrate even the tiniest elements of existence as manifestations of Jesus Christ.

45. Our Thoughts : Our Thoughts boasts 1618 posts (and counting! worth of comments, reflections, rants, and suggestions regarding many different aspects of Mormon life – including political and social issues.

46. The Seer Stone : LDS adherents hoping to incorporate apologetics in their lifestyle really ought to check out The Seer Stone for some amazing insights, interpretations, and histories regarding scripture.

47. Believe All Things : Although it covers an impressive range of subjects – from politics to business to cosmology to religion – almost all of the blog posts at Believe All Things come straight back to how they relate to Mormon theology, culture, philosophy, and life.

48. What Do Mormons Believe? : This blog’s title says it all. Whether mainstream or esoteric, they delve into all the details of the Mormon faith and ask their readers to ponder their own beliefs.

49. Put on the Armor of Light : Meditations, reflection, and poetry comprise the majority of this blog’s content, making it a lovely and quiet retreat for the moments of life that require a dose of spirituality.

50. Mormon Heretic : An incredibly challenging read suitable for any LDS members who stick with their faith, but still crave alternate perspectives and overlooked nuances.

With these blogs, those belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hoping to gain some perspectives and ideas about living according to the principles set forth by The Bible and The Book of Mormon have plenty of ideas to explore and consider. No matter if they seek family counsel, political discourse, or a little spiritual bolstering, there is hopefully something here to help them learn more about living a Mormon lifestyle.