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100 Twitter Feeds for Your Spiritual Enlightenment

Need a little guidance? As in a 140 words at a time. Follow these spiritual and religious Twitter feeds to reach enlightenment in no time flat. This list of 100 Twitter feeds for your spiritual enlightenment has something for everyone.


1. pba2012 – With his focus on Jesus, pba2012 also delves into the occult, and the role science plays in the nature of sin. He also emphasizes practical manifestations of God’s wisdom in our everyday lives.
2. POPLC – This Church of Lutheran Christians feed is all about bringing “Jesus Christ to the next generation.” Check out church news, audio of sermons, and scriptural wisdom.
3. worshipWord – Here’s your chance to get Christian scripture sent to you daily. Join worshipWord and get tweet-texted fresh scripture each and every day.
4. kingofthejews – If you’re tired of just praying to Jesus and getting no immediate response, send Him a message on Twitter instead. That’s the conceit of this feed, which allows you to interact with Jesus Christ Himself.
5. jesus_says – Here’s daily scriptural wisdom with a twist. All of the scriptures come from the words of Jesus.
6. follow_Him – This Christian feed brings you news, thoughts, and prayers for the Middle East. Become a global scholar with every tweet.
7. ChristCommunity – Another great Christian feed, this user represents a “progressive spiritual community committed to the human journey.” True to their message, this feed is very friendly to the LGBT community, all while bringing the message of Christ.
8. justicekindness – Hoping to “do justice, to love kindness, and walk humbly with your God?” Use this feed filled with humor, quotes, and God’s love.
9. MikeJody – This Ohio pastor likes to take other Twitter users through close analysis of Biblical scripture. Emphasizing patience and understanding, this pastor’s feed is as entertaining as it is enlightening.
10. Wordoffaith – Another pastor’s Twitter feed, Wordoffaith draws our attention to the power of prayer to affect the everyday world. He also provides uplifting messages about how special our lives are for being crafted by God.
11. unChainingGod – More unique than many feeds, this user elaborates “about removing the bondage or chain that religion places on God.” Also, he examines the fine line between God and quantum physics.
12. hiministries – Based in Hawaii, hiministries follows celebrities discovering faith, points towards multimedia of his church events, and gives people a heads up about religious speakers headed to their towns. If that’s not enough, he links to breaking political news with religious implications.
13. eBibleVerses – If you’d like to get closer to the scriptures, eBibleVerses provides links to verse studies and MP3 files of the Bible. He also tweets verses directly, bringing you the word of God with one hit of the “refresh” button.
14. jesuschristlove – This user runs a blog with his own sermons about God’s love, and he links to these updates through Twitter. Additionally, he offers interpretations of scripture so you can decode the word of God throughout the day.
15. pastorready – If you’ve never heard the wisdom of a motorcycle riding pastor, pastorready’s Twitter feed is for you. It has updates from his mission trips, insightful scriptures, and lots of spiritual encouragement.
16. PastorJosephT – A street pastor serving the impoverished in Sacramento, PastorJosephT has wit and wisdom in each post. Follow him as he takes quirky online quizzes, ministers to the sick, and provides encouragement to get us through each day.
17. xtianlifecoach – Based out of Jacksonville, this Christian lifecoach brings her professional and spiritual wisdom to each update. Whether you’re following her family adventures or finding peace through God along with her, each post is bound to touch your heart.
18. SuperSpiritGirl – This quirky Toronto native helps us find the nature of faith, with healthy doses of humor and humility in-between. She also dishes quite a bit on the notion of gaining and losing followers on Twitter.
19. The_SWA – If you like alternative medicines/healing/meditation, then this is the Twitter feed for you. The_SWA offers guides to crystal healing, Atlantis, and how to unleash your own inner magic…for a nominal fee, of course.
20. SpiritualTips – These spiritual tips come from a variety of sources, from Napoleon to Harvey Mackay. He also links to spiritual/religious news, such as Nasa finding images of what may or may not be God.
21. SpiritOfSuccess – If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner spirit into external success, then SpiritOfSuccess is here to show you the way. This user gives you the low-down about laws of attraction, the benefits of remembering past lives, and the experience of Christ consciousness.
22. rcspirdir – This Catholic user is devoted to answering all of your spiritual questions. You can follow their own spiritual journey, links to great Christian websites, and bask in their scriptural wisdom.
23. sgangster – A so-called “Spiritual Gangster,” this user mixes spiritual guidance with meditations on moustache month, the health benefits of hugs, and other quirky concepts. The numerous links to other websites are sure to keep you entertained for a good, long time.
24. FONMSC – Focused on Africana spirituality, this Twitter feed will keep you riveted. It offers wisdom on Tarot, great recipes, and even Oshun blessing recipes.
25. SpiritualBooks – Like the name will tell you, SpiritualBooks’ Twitter feed is all about, well, spiritual books. The feed is based off of the website of the same name, and is devoted to studying a “millennia of sacred texts and esoteric truths.”
26. spiritualcharts – The focus of this feed is the use of inspiring quotes to arrive at an equally inspired wisdom. With quotes ranging from literary to political, this site has the wisdom to guide you on your path.
27. SpiritGrowth – Dedicated to daily devotions and motivations, this feed is designed to grow your spirituality. With an emphasis on great motivational quotes, there’s something for everyone here.
28. SpiritPrestige – Like a spiritual fortune cookie, this feed dispenses quotes and deep thoughts to lead you throughout the day. Using their guidance, you too will be achieving spiritual prestige in your day-to-day life.
29. spiritualplayer – With its invocation to “play with purpose,” this feed is here to remind us of the value of losing ourselves in service and becoming one with life itself. Using these daily thoughts to guide your daily life will lead to a happier, healthier you.
30. modernrock – Helping you to find spiritual guidance through music, modernrock provides great links and a great perspective for music-makers and music-lovers alike. Align your spirit to the tunes and rock out with modernrock today.
31. SpirituaLesbian – Aimed at “spiritual-sensual lesbians and bi-sexual women,” this feed mixes amusing personal tales with deep spiritual introspection. Help her interpret dreams, pray for lost souls, and find answers in our crazy modern world.
32. ModernSpiritual – A pediatrician and a Christian, Modern Spiritual brings the perspective of a professional and a religious life to the table. He has recommendations for gospel artists, great family stories, and tips for finding your own spiritual inspiration.
33. saintlysayings – Using examples from the lives of Catholic Saints, this feed helps you find a way to spiritually survive the modern world. The emphasis here is on the benefits of simplicity, and of leading a simple life.
34. Spiritual_Hive – A haven of “live spiritual news,” this feed has a great mixture of new concepts and old wisdom. Learn about pilgrimages, addictions, and God’s forgiveness on this great feed.
35. ChristianPost – Designed as a kind of Christian newspaper on Twitter, this feed brings you “the latest Christian news from around the world.” Topics include politics, other religions, humanitarianism, and much more.
36. TweetingChurch – Hoping to unite more and more churches that are using Twitter, this feed believes that wisdom is in superior numbers. The wisdom of the tweets themselves concerns patience, sorrow, kindness, and prayer.
37. CTmagazine – A feed from Christianity Today magazine, this is your one-stop shop for spirituality links that will send you around the internet and around the world. This feed is a great source of spiritual news, political news, and everything in-between.
38. findingchrist – Dedicated to “the spiritual discovery of faith for one man,” this feed dishes on sports, summer, and spirituality. It also poses great questions about what we can do for God, to help get our day started right.
39. christboard – Offering up scriptural advice as well as tales from running the Christianity Board website, this feed has a lot to talk about. In addition to scriptural wisdom, there’s also recommendations for literature that will help you enjoy the Bible even more.
40. Filioque – Taking a stand for Christianity, this feed is where Filioque tries to convert others to Christ. In addition to proselytizing, the feed also tackles issues important to Christians, such as the death penalty.
41. spirituality – As the name says, this feed is devoted to spirituality of all stripes. Late-late bat mitzvahs, Vatican-mandated Bible distribution and Israeli customs are all discussed in length.
42. spiritnetwk – Supporting “the contemplative approach to spirituality,” this feed offers wisdom through quotes as well as life lessons to find and embrace wholeness. If you need any form of spiritual direction, this is the place for it.

Alternative/Earth-based Enlightenment

43. WiccaSpirit – With a focus on “Earth-based enlightenment,” this Wicca site helps bring your spirit a little closer to terra firma. After you’ve soaked in the Wiccan wisdom, check out the world political news that the feed offers insight into.
44. erinDragonsong – If you’re into New Sciences and Planetary Transformation, this simple feed is for you. It delves into the line between dreams and reality, impatience and duty, and other matters that affect our day-to-day lives.
45. mb_spirituality – If you’re into astrology, tarot readings, and physic readings, you should start following mb_spirituality immediately. In addition to the wisdom of the aforementioned topics, the feed also poses open-ended questions to help you develop your spiritual core.


46. mindintention – Ready to meditate to music? Use this feed to find the best harmonies with which to harmonize yourself.
47. womenoffaith – They’re here to provide women of faith “of all ages and stages in life” with the “events, materials, and online resources” to keep their faith white hot. There’s humor, wisdom, and fellowship on this great feed.
48. faithstories – Join this awesome community of “everyday people sharing their faith story and the struggles and fears they have overcome.” The links provided are uplifting, tear-jerking, and thought-provoking.
49. truthfoundhere – If, like this user, you are “striving to be set free by truth,” then you’re in the right place. Check out the links to spiritually uplifting music that will send your soul soaring.
50. religionwriterc – A freelance writer seeking to learn about different religions, religionwriterc invites you to take a journey with her. Her Twitter feed delves into politics, literature, religion, and more.
51. RDispatches – The Twitter feed of a daily online magazine named Religious Dispatches, this feed is all about progressiveness. It provides info about Twitter-specific religious courses, links to news, and more.
52. TheAtheistMissionary – This is the feed of “a Canadian skeptic dedicated to the reasoned and peaceful eradication of religion.” Through this interesting tweets, you too can explore what spirituality means to one without faith.
53. movtopeace – Metaphors and symbols abound in the feed that doubles as a “social enterprise dedicated to enhacing global consciousness and quality-of-life.” Get practical wisdom, info on humanitarian causes, and how the events of today connect to events and literature of the past.
54. paxnews While there’s no John Lennon in sight, peace and love are all you need with this feed. Get news from around the world concerning war and, of course, peace.
55. enlighten_me – This mixture of humor and enlightenment is quite unique. Where else do tweets about channeling patience and understanding join with tweets about President Obama being a ninja?
56. religioncrazy – Join this user in their “search for true Religion.” The search primarily includes links to religious news and discussions about respect, with the occasional digression discussing the life-changing nature of Bubble Wrap.
57. WPeaceHologram – Go global with this “international peace project that supports positive change at the core level.” Accordingly, these links to making inner and outer peace a reality will send you all over the world.
58. holyweblog – Serving up “hand-picked news and views of the good, the bad and the quirky in the world of faith,” this feed’s internet links cover just about everything. From gay Bishop bans to Obama’s daily Blackberry prayers, the news ranges from shocking to downright whimsical.
59. Theosera – A Twitter for everybody, this feed covers everything from metaphysics to numerology. Enjoy thoughts on the notion of military spending versus social services, Chaos theory as proof of God, and more. LINDSAY—SITE ONLY HAS THREE POSTS, LAST ONE BACK IN MARCH
60. SpiritualDeli – While “make me one with everything” is a joke that never gets old at the Spiritual Deli here, this blend of Yoga, meditation, and nature will help you discover your inner self. With inspirational quotes ranging from Rumi and Lao Tzu to Bono, this spiritual food for thought is sure to fill you up.


61. Deepak_Chopra – The famous author and physician uses Twitter to bring an Eastern flair to our online meditations and musings. Appropriately, he emphasizes a global conscience, including calls to actions against atrocities around the world.
62. tinybuddha – Speaking of Eastern wisdom, this feed brings you thoughts from Buddha, Gandhi, and Lao Tzu. With the wisdom of these quotations, you’ll be closer to Nirvana in no time.
63. rubmabuddha – Mixing humor and wisdom, this Buddhist feed is all about finding your inner peace. Find enlightenment and spread it to others with this simple-yet-profound wisdom.
64. ZenBuddhism – Another great Buddhist feed, this user emphasizes the relationship between wisdom and truth. It offers occasionally heart-breaking wisdom about the unfairness of life as well as hopeful messages about the triumph of the heart.
65. buddhatrance – Slick and sleek, this feed is here to enhance your experience of “riding the wave of higher consciousness.” Updates include links to blogs, videos, images, and other things to enhance your enlightenment.
66. buddhachild – If you like your Eastern wisdom with a little bit of John Lennon flair then you’ll love this feed, where love really is all you need. With links and news religious healing from around the world, this feed is here to make you whole.
67. daily_buddhism – The emphasis on this Buddhist feed is the use of quotes to help your spirit transcend. You’ll become a healthier, more whole person in no time if you follow this site.
68. Buddhism_Now – This is the Twitter feed of the magazine of the same name. It emphasizes having “a beginner’s mind” so that even the most spiritually advanced person is always learning.
69. mettameditation – A Buddhist feed designed “for people who are quietly practicing loving kindness,” this user provides quotes, music, and simple wisdom so that you may transcend. With wise posts such as “sit like a mountain, cook like a grandmother, laugh like a Buddha,” you know you’re in good hands.
70. sharingbuddhism – This California dude shares nothing but amazing, inspirational quotes from Buddhism. Whether you’re seeking to transform your inner life or look to the cosmos for guidance, these quotes are a great help on your journey.
71. ichingdaily – Serving as “a daily reading of the I-Ching for meditation,” this site brings focus, serenity, and even modesty into your life. Take this i-Ching wisdom of the past all the way into your spiritual future.
72. ZenWords – These “kind reminders” are here to help you lead a healthier, happier physical and spiritual life. Enjoy the Zen wisdom from CS Lewis, Dogen, Jung, and more.
73. ZenGreetings – This feed dishes on art, life, and a whole bunch of haikus. There’s much heart and humor mixed in with the spirituality of this great feed.
74. Yaatriki – A “spiritual director of Maitreya Marga,” Yaatriki provides info about the manifestations and wisdom of Vishnu. This feed has quotes on spiritual liberation, links to great podcasts, and lots of info on your spiritual path.
75. sevenlives – Self-proclaimed as a “friendly Zen Guru, a healer, a moonlight rainbow, sunshine and joy of life,” this user’s haikus will help you climb your own spiritual peaks. Enjoy it for the spiritual metaphors or just for being well-written.
76. zen_forum – A forum for “intellectually stimulating discussion,” this feed ponders religion, literature, and the nature of faith. Read classic books along with the user, read up on religious news, or just share a fervent love of coffee.
77. emptygatezen – Here is where you can get “training in Zen meditation affiliated with The Kwan Um School of Zen” in 140 characters or less per post. Find the right bell chant for you, read great quotes from Zen masters, and explore the idea of original nature.
78. BallymenaZen – If you’re sitting down right now, then you’ve got one half of zazen—that is, sitting meditation—down pat. For the meditation half, BallymenaZen links to spiritual news from around the globe.
79. zenhabits – Nearly 4,000 followers have tuned in to pick up these Zen habits. Read about ways to go green, get fit, embrace love, and live life.
80. Zen_Moments – As the name might tell you, the focus of this feed is finding the Zen moments of everyday life. Whether you need help focusing on the little things or just help finding the spirituality of using the toilet, this feed’s got you covered.
81. EnlightenYurDay – If you’d like to share “a cup of enlightened Zen and artistic beauty,” then you should pull up a chair. The spiritual wisdom here comes from all spectrums, and may well be the only place where the wisdom of Carl Saga, Goethe, and Harrison Ford comes together.
82. dailyzen – These daily Zen quotes have style and humor as well as substance. After all, they do quote Hunter S. Thompson, who was all about opening his mind.
83. RevZen – Sometimes possibilities just keep sleeping through our hands, which is why you need this feed, itself a “possibilities coagulator.” This site provides links to the wisdom of occult humor, life coaching, self-awareness, and even personal branding.
84. ZenOfHealth – The use of berries, agricultural innovations, and deserts. These are just a few of the tasty topics covered by this Zen health feed.
85. ahimsatozen – This is another great feed offering spiritual and Zen quotes from a large variety of sources. The wisdom of Emerson, Pascal, Wordsworth, Einstein and many more is just a click away.


86. twitmeditation – This is your online place for meditation, tranquility, and relaxation. Follow the various links on topics as diverse as the economy, retail meditation, and transcendentalism.
87. meditationdaily – Bringing you Kabbalah wisdom straight from Israel itself, this feed is all about meditation, forgiveness, and getting out of God’s way. In-between the inspirational messages are spirited, civil discussions with other users on the nature and role of God.
88. DeepMeditation – This group of fans digs on Music for Deep Meditation, and helps you find the tunes that help you find yourself. There’s links to great music, inspirational quotes, and lots of spiritual nourishment.
89. MeditationRoom – Blending humor with wisdom, this feed is as likely to give you a light-hearted Buddha joke as it is to dispense with earnest advice. Find your way to Zen and “the Buddha mind” with this awesome feed.
90. freemeditate – A Twitter feed of the meditation mp3-dispensing meditation.org.au, this feed emphasizes practical meditation tips. Ideal for beginners, this feed walks you through tips on re-examining your life, reading random sentences from books, distinguishing between inner voice and ego, and more.
91. zenmeditation – According to this feed, the goal here is for us all to learn “how to be quiet and stop thinking.” To this end, the feed provides numerous links to news ranging from meditation as mind-hacking to and the latest cases of the Zen Agency.
92. visityourself – These “daily tips for mindfulness meditation” has been featured by the NBC News and the Washington Post. It offers breathing tips, schedule management, vocalizing how you’d like to feel, and other awesome tricks.
93. easymeditation – Dedicated to “bringing meditation to the masses,” this feed offers music for transcendence and even links to its own station. In addition, there’s numerous snippets of wisdom intended to have you enjoying each day.
94. SageMeditation – Specializing in recommendations for meditation-inspired products and online software, this feed will bring you to your quiet space in style. There’s even tips and recommendations for massage therapy students.
95. Meditation_Hive – Aiming for a healthy body and mind, this feed is here to bring you “live meditation news.” This comes in the form of quick links to meditation news from around the world.


96. secretskabbalah – These tweets provide detailed instructions to “elevate your consciousness, transform your life, manifest your deepest fantasies.” There’s a blend of great advice about Kabbalah and recommendations for books to help you learn more.
97. DiscoverKabbala – Learn more about Kabbalah through this Twitter feed. Also, post on their forum—but only if you’re 40 or younger.


98. Yoga_Journal – A Twitter feed for the magazine of the same name, this feed represents a definitive authority on Yoga. They provide links to Yoga directories, home Yoga practice, inhalation/exhalation tips, and more.
99. SecretsEnlight – A certified Yoga teacher, master of holistic nutrition and all-around worker for “biochemical individuality,” this user brings a very unique perspective to the table. She provides simple, wholesome quotes to help you turn your life around, and find goodness regardless of the path you’re on.
100. Virtual Yoga – Virtual Yoga teaches its followers how to be more self aware through yoga and meditation.

Twitter is great for swallowing small chunks of information in a short amount of time. You could follow every Twitter blog on the list and be totally enlightened. Remember to stay true to yourself on every spiritual journey you undertake in life.