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100 Best Blogs for Christian Moms

Whether looking for a single voice in a certain denomination or for a community of others just like you, Christian mothers will enjoy these top 100 blogs. Don’t forget to grab dad and the kids if you find one or more you really like.

Best Blogging Communities for Christian Moms

Follow these professional bloggers and writers as they discuss everything from Christianity to parenting and beyond.

1. Crosswalk: With a special section for marriage, Christian wives and mothers will find a great deal of expert advice. There are also section for newlyweds, relationships, and parenting.

2. cfaith: This entirely free website has tons of resources for Christians and their families. You can get articles, audio, or video on the spiritual topic of your choice.

3. Beliefnet: You can find many religious blogs on this site in addition to the ones on politics and entertainment. Currently there is a summer contest looking for their newest blogger.

4. Christian Mommies: In addition to the online community, you can get a ton of professional columns written by Christian moms. Choose from Ask A Twin Mommy, Jelly Mom, Family Check-up, and many more.

5. Evangelical Outpost: This online Christian site posts on all sorts of topics from the faith point of view. Moms can read about religion, media, culture, education, and even bioethics.

6. Saffron Planet: Christian mothers who live in the United Kingdom will enjoy this popular site. Specializing in “chatter that matters,” they have just released a new book, “How the Church Lost its Way,” and even have daily devotionals as podcasts.

7. Shepherds’ Fellowship: This blogging site is part of the Grace Community Church and has a forum and online magazine. A recent entry showed husbands how to understand their wives.

8. Creative Minority Report: If you are a Christian mother who needs a laugh, check out this site. Posts are Christian related and are good for a humorous look at current events.

9. Hope for Today: Joel and Victoria Osteen are a husband and wife team who lead a mega-church known around the world. Their blog has thoughts on marriage, family, relationships, and more.

10. Lakewood Church: Also part of the Joel and Victoria Osteen churches, moms can get a ton of resources. Find podcasts, videos, a section for kids, and even a place for college adults aged 20 plus.

11. Living the Solution: This site gives help on finding and knowing God, a spiritual toolbox, and tons of entries on Christian related topics. You can also put in a prayer request or read the spiritual journal.

12. The King’s Daughters Ministries: This church strives to restore virtue to the bride of Christ and has many resources for women. Mothers can get a variety of resources including weight on him, woman to woman, and several discussion boards.

Best Social Communities for Christian Moms

Grab a few photos or ideas and join these communities to chat about motherhood, church, marriage, and more.

13. Café Mom: Stop here to join the largest online community of mothers around the world. You can join one of the many faith based groups they have, or get loads of more advice for every aspect of your life.

14. Christian Mom: A growing site, they welcome 20 new members a week. They also have a forum, reviews, and podcast.

15. Bible Forums: This site has over 16,000 members, over one million messages, and regularly have 1,000 members online at one time. Stop by to learn more or get useful related links.

16. Serious Moms: This site is packed with information, tools, and resources to help you become a better mom. Along with its many resources, it reminds moms that there are more important things than spending time on the computer.

17. aBlazeNet: Christian mothers and others will enjoy the chat rooms, forum, and blogs just for them. If you don’t want to join, you can still read the content.

18. Online Christian Parents: Grab your husband or your own parents and join this community. Forums are divided into categories such as spiritual, parenting, homeschoolers, and more.

19. Christian Blog: Christian moms can come here to start a free, family safe blog and join the online community. Mom related categories include family, recipes, fun, church, and more.

20. Pray Together: Moms or anyone else in need of prayer or praise can come to this page by Osteen Ministries. You can anonymously leave an online message or read the ones that have been posted.

21. Bible.com: An online resource for those studying the Bible, it is also a place where Christian mothers can connect with others around the world. You can also request a free copy of “Tortured For Christ,” get your kids to join, or watch a series of Bible Basics videos.

22. Christian Forums: As the title says, moms can come here to discuss a number of Christian related topics. The Welcome Center alone has new member help, prayer requests, a pet forum, and even the option to ask a chaplain.

Best Sites for Single Christian Moms

Christian mothers who need a little help finding companionship and advice will enjoy these sites.

23. Perfect Match: This leading site gives you a free duet compatibility profile, matches based on the whole you, and advanced search tools. You can also get dating help from Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

24. Match.com: With millions of active Christians online, this service is sure to help you find someone. There is also the opportunity to register and post for free.

25. Christian Mingle: In just minutes, you can create a profile and be ready to mingle with other members in your area. There are also chat rooms, instant messenger, searchable Bible, and it is free to browse.

26. Christian Cafe: Boasting one of the leading success rates of all dating sites, you can get a free ten day trial. Enter your information and what you are looking for to be put in contact with potential matches.

27. Christians Online: Another dating site, this one is free. Browse through the personals, post your own, or get more resources.

28. Singles of Faith: Start your free trial to preview the features of this service. You can also get useful help on relationships, standard setting, tips for long distance, and more.

29. Passionate for Life: This magazine is for everyone who is passionate about career, relationships, spirit, and life. You can also get tips for single women who want to find love.

Best Sites for Christian Work at Home Moms

Moms who work from the home or who want to make a little extra money will enjoy the advice and friendship found on these sites.

30. Christian Ladies Connect: This site supports business networking opportunities for Christian women. You can connect with a mentor, take an eCourse, read the blog, and much more.

31. Christian Work at Home Moms: Even dads and working moms, along with stay at home moms, can use this site to find a job, post a listing, enter a contest, and more. You can also read the blog or ask Jill a question.

32. A Christian Mother’s Guide: This site is your guide to working at home, home-based business, and making money online. In addition to the blog, you can get information on different jobs, as well as scams.

33. VineyarDesigns: Work at home mothers can get all sorts of help for designing their websites with this site and blog. You can get tutorials, ideas on how to spend more time with the kids, and tons of mom tips.

34. Biz Opps 4 Christ: Work at home mothers can find a directory of Christian based businesses to connect with. There are also job opportunities, along with other resources.

35. Christian Careers: Stay at home working mothers can get help just for them. You can also get resources for a traditional job search, travel, finance, and home.

36. Disciple’s Cross: John created these handmade necklaces from home until the demand got too big. Learn how to earn money by helping him fill orders from home and without quotas.

37. Christian Women’s Resources: Visit here for a ton of articles for the career oriented Christian mom. There are hundreds of articles on business building, heritage, home, marriage, and more.

38. Christian Worldwide Marketplace: Purchase or sell your goods on this massive online market. You can also find a job, get an eCard, or resources for single mothers.

Best Blogs for Mormon Moms

The Church of Latter-day Saints is growing number and blogs. Read these to meet other moms like you, or learn more about the Mormon faith.

39. Feminist Mormon Housewives: This group of women bloggers is comprised of twelve women and three retirees. You can read about their lives and interests, or submit a guest post of your own.

40. True Confessions of a Mormon Mother: Juliana has three children and loves to travel. She recently went to Europe, where she encountered a drunk man, and wrote an interesting post.

41. Normal Mormons: Amy, Holly, and others blog on being Mormons, mothers, and more. A recent entry was on an encounter at Starbucks.

42. Millennial Star: A community of Mormon bloggers write about current events. Moms will enjoy the posts on family, prayer, and more.

43. Watch Out For Mama: Blogging since 2004, Ana is a Mormon mother trying to do it all. Categories of her blog include churchy stuff, recipes, kids, and occasional deep thoughts.

44. Mormon Mommy Wars: A group of Mormon mothers blog on all aspects of their life. In a surprising twist, the title of two recent entries were “I Guess Size Doesn’t Matter” and “Random Crap.”

45. Whacky Wheelers: She is a stay at home mom with a seven year old son living in Illinois. Currently going through menopause, you can read all about it.

46. Suzie Petunia: She is a married mother of four who has been thinking out loud since 2004. Get updates on her family and random musing on her blog.

47. Mormon Mommy Blogs: Done with reading and ready to start your own blog? Then visit here for a family, friendly way to do so, and you can even enter a contest or two.

Best Blogs for Catholic Moms

Check out these blogs for the best in Catholic philosophy, prayer, and parenting.

48. What Does the Prayer Really Say?: Catholic moms who want to know more about scripture and prayer will enjoy this leading site. You can also get many other tips such as how to make a good confession, a prayer to say before connecting to the internet, and even an Ask The Father option.

49. Mary, Our Mother: The original Christian mom, you can learn more about her with the help of Deacon John. Blog posts often include relevant scripture quotes.

50. Conversion Diary: Jennifer is a mother of four who used to be an atheist. Read her conversion story, daily life, and more on this blog.

51. Catholic Mom: A blogging community, they have a book club, musicians, podcasts, and more. In addition to the many columns, you can also get other resources such as contests for Catholics.

52. Via Media: Amy was widowed in February 2009 and is raising five children from four to 26. She and the kids recently took a trip to Italy and it is chronicled in her blog.

53. In The Heart of my Home: This Catholic mother lists many prayers right on her homepage. Regular entries include what her kids are up to, things that interest her, and inspirational words.

54. Shower of Roses: Jessica is an Irish Catholic who homeschools her five children, with another one on the way. You can get information on the kid’s lesson plans, first communions, Catholic cuisine, and more.

55. The Mother Load: Aimee is the leader of the “HomeFront Corp.” with a staff of four children in Lehigh Valley. She often blogs on family life and things that interest her.

Best Blogs for Christian Moms of no Specific Denomination

These moms and blogs profess no denomination but still contain useful content for Christian mothers.

56. A Kindred Heart: Teresa is a mother and grandmother who loves to blog about her family. Posts often include a relevant Bible quote.

57. Rocks in my Dryer: Shannon often blogs on being a wife and mother. She is about to take a vacation to California and blogs all about it.

58. Practical Theology for Women: Wendy often lectures to herself through blog and invites readers to join along. Popular posts of hers include grace, a quiet heart, and marriage.

59. The Christian HomeKeeper: Sylvia shows other Christian mothers how to build up their home rather than tear it down. She allows you to choose from a variety of posts on housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, and more.

60. Tulip Girl: Married with four children, she just returned from a stay in the Ukraine. Here about how she is readjusting life in the states in her blog.

61. Stuff Christians Like: This blog posts entirely on reasons why it is good to be a Christian. They are currently on reason #579.

62. 22 Words: Abraham lives in Minneapolis with Molly and their kids. True to the title, his Christian related posts are often brief and to the point.

63. The Pipers: Married to the above she loves to read and often gives recommendations. Popular posts include blogs she reads and a vacation from perfectionism.

64. A Homegrown Life: Crunchy Christian Mom has three boys and a teacher for a husband. See how they are spending their summer by reading her blog.

Best Group Blogs for Christian Moms

Read these blogs by two or more women to get varying opinions and ideas on Christianity and motherhood.

65. Today’s Christian Woman: Choose from three different blogs: Walk With Me, Editors’ Blog, and Gifted for Leadership. There are also many other resources for the Christian mother on this site.

66. Women of Faith: These ladies travel the globe to spread Christ’s message. See where they are going next, along with a great deal of useful advice.

67. 5 Minutes for Mom: Twin moms Janice and Susan help bring together other moms through faith. Posts include tips on family life and often link to contests.

68. Espresso His Love: The Coffee Group consists of five Christian women. In their blog, they give advice on a successful marriage and parenting.

Best Blogs for Christian Moms who Homeschool

A more and more popular choice, Christian mothers who have questions or need advice on homeschooling will want to check out these blogs.

69. Why Homeschool: A family blogs about how homeschooling can be a better option for children and families than a traditional classroom setting. In addition to their most popular posts, you can get an intro to homeschooling.

70. Donna Young: Visit here for homeschool planners, calendars, prints for various subjects, and they are all for free. You can also read her blog or browse by topic.

71. Guilt Free Homeschooling: Carolyn has eleven years experiencing with homeschooling. Her blog is ideal for those who need help getting started or just a few tips on specific lessons.

72. Homeschool Mom Tips: This married mother of two homeschools her kids and enjoys scrapbooking. She tells her readers what they are up to and even included an educational slideshow she made just for her kids.

73. Spunky Homeschool: This blog is dedicated to the ramblings of a homeschooling mother of six in desperate need of a vacation. Posts include tips, standards, and politics.

74. Home Where They Belong: Different bloggers give a commentary on public and home education in the news. Posts include the latest headlines and the politics surrounding education.

75. Homeschool Buzz: Visit this blog to get the latest headlines from other homeschooling blogs. You can also get reviews, book recommendations, and news.

76. Homeschool Cafe: Several Mississippi moms connect online to blog about political opinions, educational issues, and general discussion. In addition to the blog, you can get many useful tools and links for homeschooling.

77. A Typical Homeschool: Ron and others blog about all sorts of Christian and education related topics. Categories include education theory and philosophy, guerrilla learning, and home ed family business.

78. Homeschool World: This site, store, and publication is full of articles for the homeschooling mother. You can also join a forum if you need more help.

Best Radio for Christian Moms

If your eyes are starting to hurt, give these online internet radio stations a try for plenty of advice on Christianity and parenting.

79. One Place: Get tons of Christian related radio programs on this site. Moms will enjoy the episodes on family and kids, but you can still get many other programs.

80. The CWAHM Network: This is talk radio that helps Christian mothers working at home connect. Episodes often include women who have succeeded with their own business and you can even find out how you can be on the show.

81. Radio Vaticana: Catholic Moms can get live and archived broadcasts direct from Vatican City. Some are in English, but knowledge of Italian is useful.

82. CSN Radio: This radio station exists to spread the word of God. Listen to it live over the internet or get many related resources on the site.

83. Ministry Radio: Several different shows from Crosswalk tackle many topics effecting Christian mothers. You can also get answers to listener’s questions.

84. Christian Radio: Still can’t find a good Christian radio station? Then visit here to view over 2,500 stations by state.

Best Podcasts for Mom

While there is no denomination provided, moms of all faiths will enjoy these helpful podcasts.

85. Manic Mommies: Each week, the podcast brings tips, product reviews, interviews, and advice by moms for moms. In addition to listening to the episodes, you can read the blog.

86. Full Time Mom: With 89 episodes and counting, the most recent dealt with issues in the kitchen. Listen to it for free, or become a member of GSPN to listen to all of them.

87. Parents Magazine: Thirteen episodes help mothers and fathers better parent their children. There are also many blogs and resources to help you even more.

88. Creative Mom Podcast: Any mom with a hobby will appreciate this podcast for its helpful tips. Recent episodes include a rock beach, self portraiture, and fittering.

89. MojoMom: This podcast brings you current news, politics, work, family, and expert interviews. The latest episode dealt with self care for preservation.

90. Baby Talk Radio: Get podcasts, blogs, radio, and more for parents of small children. You can also get resources for a variety of other motherhood issues.

91. Speaking of Faith: Krista Tippett hosts this show on meaning, ethics, ideas, and religion. Episodes often deal with current events.

Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

Developed specifically for the internet listener, these podcasts can be downloaded to a mobile device or listened to straight from your computer.

92. Joel Osteen Ministries Podcast: Listen to a podcast of the latest sermon by Joel or Victoria Osteen here. You can also get them as videos.

93. About the Church: This leading podcast is for parents and families who take their faith seriously. Be sure and listen to an episode first before you share with the kids.

94. The Hands and Feet Show: Young mothers who appreciate a laugh will enjoy this show. It is full of Christian based skit comedy and regularly tackles current events.

95. Children’s Ministry Monthly: Grab the kids and listen to one or all of the episodes for kids. There are even useful resources for parents on how to raise Christian children.

96. Lifespring: Hosted by Steve Webb, this podcast is the recipient of several awards. Recent episodes are tilted “Covenant Eyes” and “Persevere.”

97. Grace Before Meals: Father Leo shows you how to prepare a meal before you give thanks for it. Recipes include Salmon Florentine, Bourbon BBQ Salad, and Beer Braised Shrimp.

98. Blue Letter Bible: Stop here for a daily dose of the Bible. You can choose by reading, morning & evening devotion, and more.

99. Mormon Mom Cast: These three Mormon women have been podcasting since 2006. They often do interviews and phone calls on LDS issues.

100. Catholic Mormon Podcast: Think Mormons and Catholics can’t have a successful marriage? Then listen to this podcast and see how this mixed husband and wife are getting along.

If you’re seeking advice on marriage, parenting, relationships, career, or just need someone like you to talk to, Christian mothers will appreciate and find many uses for these best 100 blogs.