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50 Best Astrology Blogs

Although some astrologers tout their services as “for entertainment purposes only,” some earnestly offer their interpretations of the cosmos to individuals seeking spiritual counsel. As with all faiths, astrology stands as a rather subjective means of making sense of the universe – and, as a result, attracts nonbelievers speaking of it with the same level of passion as the believers. The following blogs offer up a small peek into the varying perspectives from within the astrology community, listed in no particular order but picked due to their popularity with other blogs and frequency of quality postings.

1. Astrological Musings : Lynn Hayes at Beliefnet blogs draws from 25 years’ worth of experience as an astrologer to bring insight and information to readers curious about her practice.

2. The Blogs at Astrology.com : Whether one seeks astrological counsel on everything from art to dream interpretation to pop culture, the eclectic bloggers at Astrology.com have something to pique his or her interest.

3. Online Chinese Astrology : As one of the most popular and consistently updated Chinese astrology blogs on the internet, anyone interested in learning more about the associated traditions would do well to stop by here for advice.

4. Aquarius Papers : This astrology blog discusses a wide variety of different astrological approaches from various corners of the globe to provide readers with a comprehensive glimpse into the various perspectives.

5. Stars Over Washington : Readers with an interest in both astrology as well as politics may find the Stars Over Washington a fascinating place to learn about how many believe the 2 disciplines to intersect.

6. astroYogi.com : Stop by astroYogi.com’s blog to learn more about Chinese astrology, numerology, Vedic astrology, color astrology, and many other ways to try and divine meaning and predictions of the future.

7. Nancy’s Starlight News Blog : Experienced astrologer Nancy Sommers melds current events and astrology together to offer up a perspective on how the 2 subjects interact with one another.

8. Sasstrology : Targeting women wanting to learn more about what the stars have to say about relationships, love, and sex, Sasstrology approaches astrology in a way that would appeal to fans of women’s magazines and Sex and the City.

9. Elsa Elsa : For astrological advice on everything from style to existential inquiries, Elsa P has almost any question covered.

10. Vedic Astrology : Learn everything there is to know about interpreting and applying Vedic astrology with Dr. Ramana Rao V.Komaragiri.

11. AstroDispatch.com : Stop by AstroDispatch.com for consistent updates throughout the day for a plethora of perspectives on a wide number of related topics.

12. The Ten Minute Astrologer : Patricia Weiss shares her thoughts regarding astrology’s role in everyday decisions as well as special circumstances, discussing many of the discipline’s philosophies along the way.

13. Star World News : This blog seeks to interpret current events using Vedic and “Western” astrological practices.

14. Big Sky AstroBlog : Astrologer and writer April Elliott Kent keeps her blog easy enough for beginners to understand, offering advice and information on the stories and people who shape the industry.

15. Moonkissd by Jessica : Jessica Shepherd writes about the role of astrology in day-to-day living with an emphasis on finding love, happiness, and productivity.

16. Collaborate With Fate : Collaborate With Fate features postings on various elements of astrology and metaphysics and their impact on the world these philosophies inhabit.

17. Astroair Astrology by Mandi Lockley : All of Mandi Lockley’s blog posts focus mainly on providing positive encouragement and reinforcement for those in need of a little astrological pick-me-up.

18. Astrotabletalk : Dharmaruci at Astrotabletalk only practices astrology casually, but his blog certainly provides food for thought on current events and other issues.

19. Astrological Investing Blog : Anyone who wishes to make investment decisions based on the recommendations of an astrologer should pop by this blog run by 2 experienced women affiliated with Investing.com.

20. Learning Curve on the Ecliptic : Many astrologers believe that the alignment of the stars and planets at certain times affects whether or not creativity flows in abundance or shrinks down to almost nothing, and this blog tracks the relationship between the practice and the people.

21. The Astrology Blog : Tony Vowles devotes his blog to poetry inspired by his astrological training as well as reflections and meditations on its traditions and practices

22. SHIFTING REALITIES : Check out SHIFTING REALITIES for information on astrology, tarot cards, geopolitics, and other means of divining the future and making sense of the present.

23. Libra Seeking Balance : Read what Diane Lang has to say about the current state of planetary and star alignment has to say about the best times to take certain actions.

24. Planetary Apothecary : Learn about how astrology and aromatherapy can lead some people to a path of overall health and wellness with Stephanie Gailing.

25. Cosmic Life Coach Astrology Blog : Patricia Thompson uses the tenets of astrology to provide her readers with common sense life coaching tips with the hopes of helping them live a satisfying life.

26. New Moon Journal : Anyone curious about the ins and outs of astrology and Shamanism and the ways people use them as a conduits for better understanding the universe needs to give New Moon Journal a look-see.

27. Julie Demboski’s Astrology : This general astrology blog serves as a resource for information on reading the stars as well as their applications in current events and daily lives.

28. Molly’s Astrology Blog : About.com’s official astrology portal discusses the practice in a way that even beginners can understand, focusing mainly on its role in shaping the events of day-to-day existence.

29. Melody’s Blog : Read Melody Scott Zindell’s musings on astrology and other spiritual matters as they pertain mainly to the position of stars and planets in the heavens.

30. Planet Waves : The main goal of the Planet Waves blog involves bringing people of all disciplines together to discuss the way astrology influences different aspects and actions of humanity.

31. The Weather Alternative : Pop into The Weather Alternative to see how some people use astrology to predict climate behaviors and trends.

32. Matthew The Astrologer : Matthew Currie’s astrology blog heavily emphasizes the philosophy’s role in dating, relationships, politics, work, and other topics – including regular horoscopes.

33. AstrologyChick : Readers curious about learning more about astrology as well as those with a familiarity in the subject and desiring predictions and advice should stop by AstrologyChick to see if they can find anything of value.

34. * Stellar Insights **  : Stellar Insights * will appeal greatly to astrology enthusiasts who desire to study the interplay between real life events and their significance to the field. David Crook’s experience with Taoism and I Ching factor into his blog postings as well.

35. Celestial Space Astrology Blog : Anyone seeking generalized spiritual advice based on the current astrological forecast would do well to drop by Dipali Desai’s to find inspiration on getting through the day.

36. Astrology Blog : Along with the usual forecasts, advice, and horoscopes drawing from 3 different astrological traditions, this blog also delves into gemstones, card reading, numerology, and other divination rituals.

37. FUNKASTROLOGY : Astrology fans with a love of pop culture, social networking, politics, and other current events would do well to drop by FUNKASTROLOGY’s lively blog and forum to connect with others and discuss the cosmos.

38. The Mirror of Aphrodite : With the strong sexual over- and undertones present in many astrological forecasts, anyone wanting to find the perfect partner for a little playtime would do well to read up on this issue as well as many others over at The Mirror of Aphrodite.

39. Sky Writer : Stop by writer and astrologer Donna Cunningham’s blog to learn more about practical applications of star charts, horoscopes, and other metaphysical rituals in building a happy, constructive life.

40. Cosmic Guidelines : Deirdre Tanton dishes out her opinions and findings regarding the use of astrology in making decisions and understanding one’s role in the universe as a whole.

41. Dark Sun Astrology : For a cheekier take on astrological subject matter, give this nifty little blog a go and read up on weekly horoscopes, guides to reading the skies, and more.

42. Mystic Medusa : Down astrological advice and horoscopes with a generous shot of pop culture and technology savvy for a contemporary perspective on an older tradition.

43. Astro Crack : Astro Crack filters astrology through a pop culture filter, tossing out practical advice, tips on cool products for the hip stargazer, horoscopes, and more for a general audience.

44. RealAstrologers Blog : Tune into RealAstrologers for weekly forecasts as well as a question-and-answer feature to discuss a multitude of different astrological issues.

45. Intoxicated Zodiac : Mix astrology and alcohol together for a potent peek into a fantastically unique blog that serves up tasty cocktails and advice with equal gusto.

46. Astrology Explored : Tune into Beth Turnage’s blog, Astrology Explored, for weekly astrological forecasts, relationship and financial advice, current events, history, and more.

47. AstroFix : Michelle at AstroFix clearly loves her some astrology, and her blog discusses a broad range of general topics regarding planetary and stellar readings.

48. Madam Lichtenstein’s Cosmic World : Though a general New Age blog that delves into a number of different metaphysical and cosmological subjects, plenty of space is devoted to astrology and horoscopes.

49. Tracy’s Astro Salon : Read up on one astrologer’s views of how the stars, planets, and other cosmic phenomena dictate current events and trends.

50. The Twelve Gates : Fans of unsolved mysteries, horoscopes, history, celebrity culture, and – of course – astrology would do well to drop by The Twelve Gates for both advice and interesting perspectives on these topics and more.

Astrologers turn to the skies in order to glean the happenings of the universe. They look at everything from when to cut their hair to the impact of massive global events from a filter constructed of stars, planets, and other cosmic elements. Many who approach the subject see it as pure entertainment, while others find comfort and structure in concepts that make sense and speak to their medical and spiritual needs. As always, it is up to readers to decide which route they elect to take to discover who they are as a person and as a facet of the universe itself.